General Help 

Which browsers are supported by the site?

Newspix is optimised for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


I'm registered but not yet approved, what access do I have to the site?

Until your account is approved you can only search and view the content on Newspix. Please contact Newspix if you do not receive your account approval advice within 24 hours.


Why should I register?

Once you have registered and your account is approved you can search all content on Newspix, add images to your lightboxes and cart, share lightboxes and purchase unwatermarked images ready to use in your publication.


Do I need to register if I'm already registered on another News Limited site?

Yes, Newspix is a separate service. In order to access Content on Newspix, for publication or other reproduction, you must register on the Site and agree to the Terms and Conditions and the terms of the Privacy Policy.


How can I contact Newspix?

You can contact us by phone or by email. Please see the contact us details.


I need a picture urgently but I am not registered. What now?

Register here, then to speed things up contact Newspix by email or by phone and we will endeavour to assist you with your request.


I can’t find what I want. My search doesn’t show me the images I’m looking for?

If the keywords or search terms do not return the results you expect please contact Newspix and we will do our best to locate the content and make it accessible for you.


How do I know the price of the images?

All licence fees are based on how the image/s will be used and are calculated using the options you select from the menus in the cart. You can then submit a request for a cost estimate based on these selections, which will be emailed to you. Alternatively contact Newspix if you cannot see the licensing options which best suit your project or licensing requirements


How do I pay?

We only accept payment for the content you purchase via credit or debit card.